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For the latest UK lotto results simply visit e-Lottery’s UK lotto results page and you’ll receive an up to date list of numbers shortly after the draw has taken place. This is quick and convenient and you never know, you just might have picked the winning lottery numbers for that draw. Maybe your UK lottery dreams will become a reality!

Or, if you’re lazy like me you can have the UK lotto results delivered directly to your email inbox once the draw has taken place. This is a free service that the e-Lottery syndicate system offers to anyone and not just for their members.

Both the Wednesday and Saturday draws are available as soon as they have taken place.

Would you like to increase your chances of winning the UK Lotto?

Virtual World Direct who are the operators of the e-Lottery syndicate system have a proven method that does increase the chances of winning the UK Lotto by 733% and therefore will greatly improve UK Lotto Results their members receive.

Also, e-Lottery players enjoy a 3600% better chance of winning the Euromillions and they have had some very impressive results to prove it!

Gaining an advantage with the UK lotto and the Euromillions is easy with e-Lottery and also very convenient. Just visit the UK lotto results and Euromillions results pages to see how you too can join the e-Lottery club today!

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  1. please put my numbers back in the machine . been playin since day 1 . most iv ever won was 30 pounds . but not won for over 6 months

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