Still to be Claimed – Euro Millions Rollover Equals £113,000,000

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As you are most likely aware, the EuroMillions Roll-over of £113,000,000 has now already been won by a very fortunate UK ticket holder!

Nevertheless, the actual prize is still unclaimed. Somewhere in the united kingdom there exists a very valuable EuroMillions ticket – within a wallet – inside a handbag – on the kitchen shelf – or even it’s slipped at the rear of the settee or sugar jar…?

Where-ever it is – if the lotto jackpot was won by an eLottery syndicate they would have automatically checked out the numbers, looked at the ticket, and if a person were among the fortunate winners they would have known by now and also have been enjoying in style – that is the main eLottery convenience – NO LOST TICKETS.

elottery are right now in the process of welcoming Members (or non Members) to participate in their ElGordo promotion.

Which has a prize fund of 2.3 BILLION Euros it’s much more than just tempting and following all the news concerning the Euro Millions winning prize, now is a superb period to get involved.

And did you know..? Playing the ElGordo in an eLottery syndicate and… Every person WINS!!!

In 2009… every single one of their syndicates received a winning prize! GUARANTEED.

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