Euro Millions Results Friday 14 January 2011

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Euro Millions Winning Numbers

02 – 14 – 24 – 39 – 44 Star Balls 06 – 07

But not the final results you imagined? Why don’t you keep in mind these syndicates: BigFatLotteries, LoveMyLotto or for something just a bit unique: happi6!

Love My Lotto
The Foremost Multi Win-Lottery Syndicate
One can take part in the UK National Lotto, Euro Millions, Millionaire Raffle, Daily Draw – a £1 million lottery jackpot winning prize everyday, Monthly Premium Bond Draw also Special Draws.
* Immediately after you subscribe to, you’re able to optionally supply the following information:

* Date of birth
* Your Birth Sign
* Your own personal Lucky Number
In cases where these details are supplied then they may include you in any kind of special draws that they may well run occasionally.

Big Fat Lotteries… Individuals can take part in any of the following lotteries
Spanish Lotto (El Niño)
UK Lottery Syndicate
Euro Millions Syndicate

Happi6 So what is Lotto? is the recent web based world wide lotto provided by Global World Plus. lottery is actually a splendid new lottery style game that takes place each and every Wednesday night around 6pm CET / 5pm GMT. It’s a lot better than a lotto merely because it is easier to win. In actual fact they pay out prizes to at least 6 x more winners weekly as opposed to most popular lottery games. Happi non-jackpot prizes are actually approximately three times bigger than the majority of lotteries, and their top prize is roughly 14 times easier to acquire. Although you may routinely participate in lottery games, you have never witnessed anything like this.

So, how might Lotto work ? lottery is simple to play and simple for you to win. All you do is select six numbers per ticket plus the further numbers you get right, the bigger the reward. Rather than a lottery, by using Happi 6 you choose numbers from 0 – 9 and you are able to duplicate numbers. Go for your birthday if you’d prefer, or perhaps ask Happi 6 for some random numbers. Tickets cost only 75p or €1.00 and you may type in as many as you wish in each lottery game.


Happi6 Power Players

Happi 6 1p Trial Offer


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